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New COT chart file format!

We have switched our file format from adobe PDF files to PNG (Portable Network Graphics). The main reason for this switch is faster chart generation. We where using Microsoft Excel to generate the charts. Now we have switched to a server side script (PHP) and a database to generate these charts. The old process took approximately 2 hours with a lot of human interaction now the whole process takes less than 40 minutes and is almost fully automated. With the new charts we can display up to 68 weeks of cot data on a 1024x768 graph, the old format only allowed 40 weeks. In the current charts we display 52-53 weeks. Also the previous option to download the Microsoft Excel data file that generate the charts will not be available, instead we are providing the data for COT in a CSV (Comma Delimited File) format and weekly price data in a CSV format as well.

Internet Explorer (download)
If you are using Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater it has excellent PNG support and the files will display and print properly.

Firefox 2 (download)
Firefox has excellent PNG support and the files will display and print properly.

Opera 9.26 (download)
Opera has excellent PNG support and the files will display and print properly.

Netscape 4.7
Netscape 4 has bad native support for PNG files, to display the files properly you must install the latest quick time from but this fix does not allow for the files to be printed. Download the charts to your hard drive and use another program to open the file and print. Microsoft Photo edit supports PNG files and printing. Please see printing below for more information about printing.

We have not tested the charts with any other download agent or browser than the ones listed above.

Printing (Must be set to landscape)
When printing the charts switch to landscape by going into “page setup” and select “Landscape” in “Orientation”.
For Internet Explorer— File -> Page Setup -> Orientation to Landscape.
For Netscape 6.2— File -> Print -> Properties -> Layout -> Orientation to Landscape.
For Opera 6.02—File -> Page Setup -> Orientation to Landscape.

The charts are approximately 1024x768 and best viewed with 16Million colors. They average 23Kbytes in size.

If you have any problems with the new file format that is not solved by the above feel free to send us an email.

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